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Alexandra House.jpg

The current Alexandra House under construction 7th August 1975, contact sheet

Alexandra House.jpg

Alexandra House c late 1960's. This 2nd generation of Alexandra House was completed in 1956. The Royal building behind it was demolished and a new extension was built to Alexandra House. Prince's Building is seen at the back and the Chartered Bank Building on the right. 

HK Postcard - Alexandra The Queen Mother 01.jpg

Postcard of Queen Alexandra (1844-1925) wife of King Edward VII, the Hongkong Land first building in Hong Kong named after the Queen upon completion in 1904

1961 Map Central.jpg

c.1961 Central Hong Kong map of central and the triangular site of Alexandra House, the building was demolished in 1974 to make way for the current building which was completed in 1976.


Alexandra House under construction c.1955.

Seen here on Chater Road from the left, Prince's Building, Hotel Cecil both of which were later demolished to allow Alexandra House to be extended and Phase 1 of Alexandra House (under construction). Gloucester building is seen at the back.


Alexandra House 2nd Generation c. late 1960's.

This second generation of Alexandra House was completed in 1956. The Royal Building behind it was demolished and the new extension built. Prince's Building is seen at the back and The Chartered Bank Building on the right.


Alexandra House works started on the creation of a small garden at the junction of Des Voeux Road and Chater Road. The garden is being built and planted by The Hongkong Land Company Ltd and was handed over to the Urban Services Departments for maintenance when completed.c.15th March 1982. Now the site of the Air Quality Monitoring Station.


Alexandra House architectural model by P&T Architects, note looking down Chater Road Union House on the left hand side (now Chater House) and Gloucester Building on the right side (now Landmark Louis Vuitton Retail Store) corner of Pedder Street and Des Voeux Road. The building was complete in 1976 and was the third generation building on the site.


Alexandra House completed in 1976, after opening the building Hongkong Land moved their offices into the building. The 124m (407ft) tower was designed by P&T Architects, constructed by Paul Y Construction both companies still operate in HK to date and was the tallest building in Hong Kong to be constructed by slip formwork, 36 floors with 14 lifts.



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