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Laura Jane DRANSFIELD [????-????]

Laura Jane

Laura Dransfield was the wife of Albert Dransfield who latterly ran his own import/export company, A. Dransfield & Co. She had two daughters, Laura Woolnough Campbell (probably by a previous marriage) and Dorothy Olive Dransfield. The Dransfields were close friends of the Warrens and Leslie Warren lived with them after his wife and children left for the UK in 1938. They seem to have rented The Towers. Albert Dransfield died in November 1940 and a letter from Leslie to his family in May 1941 relates that Laura had settled in Johannesburg but would have preferred to be in the UK.


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This is apparently a matshed at Stanley Beach. I've read that there were only five. Perhaps this was a matshed belonging to the Taikoo Sugar Refinery, the company for which Albert Dransfield worked. He is sitting left front next to Cicely Warren. His wife, Laura, is behind him next to her daughter, Dorothy. My uncle, Leslie Warren is at the back on the left. The Warren children would be about two and four respectively, dating the picture to 1928 or 1929. Albert seems to have a dachsund on a lead. Everyone seems very well dressed for a day at the beach.



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Grateful for confirmation that this really is Stanley Bay. Left to right are Cicely Warren, Leslie Warren, Laura Dransfield, Albert Dransfield. Dorothy Dransfield kneels at the front with Leslie and Cicely's children. My thanks go to a Gwulo colleague for enhancing this photo for me.


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