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Frederick Cyril GABY (aka Cyril) [1906-2002]

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Cyril Gaby represents a long-standing tranche of the Hong Kong community - that is of seamen who would acquire a Chinese mistress in the city and set her up in an apartment. It was a convenient arrangement for men who came and went. In his autobiography, Gaby has described how he acquired his mistress through the time honoured "viewing" procedure at a tea shop in Ladder Street and recorded the price negotiated with the madam, which in his case in the early 1930s was a down payment of $500 and the purchase of a $2000 apartment in Wanchai.

Elizabeth Ann WARNES (née OLSON) [1882-1917]

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Elizabeth Warnes was the second daughter of John Olson snr. and half sister to Hannah Warren. Her mother was Ching Ah-Fung. Her other siblings were John Olson jnr., Charles W. Olson and Ellen Melcher née Olson. She married Charles Aspinell Warnes at St John's Cathedral in 1905. Their children were Iris, Marjorie and Cyril. Iris's and Marjorie's descendants now live in Australia. They lost touch with their brother, Cyril, who is thought to have emigrated to Canada. Elizabeth is buried in the Protestant Cemetery in Happy Valley near her parents.

Divorce proceedings in Hong Kong and Macau

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David has suggested I start a separate Forum thread, instead of tacking my question about divorce cases in post-invasion Macau http://gwulo.com/comment/33461 on to the end of McCaskie’s June 1942 report of conditions in wartime Macau. Although my question concerns a member of my Hong Kong family, I meant to ask a more general question about the possible transference of Hong Kong law suits to Macau after the Japanese invasion.