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Admiralty District-redevelopment proposal model-1962

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Long before anything was actually built on the site, proposals were being offered that were not too different to what is there today

Headquarters House / Flagstaff House [1846- ]

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Flagstaff House in Hong Kong Park Central is the oldest existing Western building in Hong Kong. Built in 1846 for Major General George Charles D'Aguilar, it was formerly known as Headquarters House. The building was renamed Flagstaff House around 1932 and remained the office and residence of the Commander of British Forces until 1978.

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c.1963 View over Admiralty and Central towards Stonecutters Island

I'm dating this at 1963 based on the presence of the Mandarin Hotel (opened in 1963), and the absence of the second-generation Z-shaped Blake Pier, which appeared around 1964. Corrections welcome!

In the lower-right of the photo is Admiralty district, undergoing major changes


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