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Hong Kong - From Victoria Peak - June 1971

Can anyone identify this red building? Ho Tung Garden??  Identified by annelise as King Yin Lei, 45 Stubbs Road [1937- ].

Behind it Evergreen Villas (43 Stubbs Road) are under construction.

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 
Places shown in this photo: 

Victoria Gap and Peak Tram 1890-1930

In science there is a term called data mining – extraction of new informations and interrelations from already existing data. I had the idea of image mining – using images on Gwulo for new (unreported) connections and timelines.

My special interests are buildings on Barker Road, so I chose from Gwulo photos of Victoria Gap and the Peak Tram with Barker Road on them.

Let’s start in 1890. This one was probably taken from Severn Road and shows the Peak Tram and Mount Austin.

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