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Regent/Intercontinental Hotel 1980

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Cropped from http://gwulo.com/atom/22944.

Regent/Intercontinental Hotel at the waterfront, behind it New World Centre.

The slim tower in the circle is a ventilation shaft for the MTR track that crosses the harbour.

View from inside Regent/Intercontinental Hotel 2011

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Same place as on Andrew Suddaby's photo from 1981, but note the different skyline!

Regent Hotel / InterContinental Hong Kong [1980- ]

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c.1980-06-01 (Day is approximate)

The Regent Hotel opend in 1980. It is located on 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, on the former site of Holt's Wharf.

In 2001 the hotel was sold to the InterContinental group and renamed to InterContinental Hong Kong.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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