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1920s Hong Kong

Hello there

I'm lucky enough to be returning to HK next month after a 25 year absence - anything changed? :)

I lived there between 1992 and 94 and am so excited about visiting again and seeing old (and new) sites. Im particularly interested in colonial HK and the police force as it would have been in the 1920s.

Could you recommend the best places to visit to see colonial buildings and/or the history of the police force from that period? I did see a youtube video about the old Central Police Station opening as a museum - would that be worth a visit?

Docks Group resize.jpg

This is one of five photos we have had in our family for ages. It's an archive quality photo with a hard back that has held up beautifully. It must have been done professionaly at the time. The other pictures in the group of five I have are dated approx. between 1915-1920 so I suspect this one is from around that time as well. I don't know anything for sure about the photo but I suspect it was taken at the Hong Kong docks as my great grandfather, John Kempton, was the head electrical engineer at The Hong Kong & Whampoa Docking Co. Ltd. when he died in 1947.

Dinner resize.jpg

This is another one of the group of five photos we have had in our family but again have no idea who the people are or what the place/event in them is. Like the others, it must have been professionally done at the time as it has held up beautifully and the detail you can make out is amazing. It could have something to do with the Royal Engineers or scottish expat society in HK as my great grandfather was the head electrical engineer at the Hong Kong & Whampoa Docking Co. Ltd. when he died in 1947.

Costume group resize.jpg

This is the most random of the gorup and probably the toughest to figure out! Like the others, I believe this photo was taken around 1915-1920. It as well, has held up beautifully and like the other originals I have must have been done professionally due to the quality. Unfortunately, I know as little about this photo as I do about the others. They were all found with my grandmothers things when she passed and the family story is they belonged to the Kempton's but we have never known who in the photos they were.

Royal Engineers Hong Kong 1917-18 resize.jpg

Like the others. this one was definitely a professional photo. At the top of the cardboard that frames the photo is the title: Royal Engineers HongKong 1917-18, the scanner just couldn't fit the frame. I believe my great grandfather John Kempton is one of the men in the picture but again, have no idea who. There are definitely two or three faces I believe I have seen repeated in the photos but I can't figure out who he is. Any tips or advice on how I could go about identifying any of the men in the photo is appreciated.

Hong Kong 1915-16 Royal Engineers resize.jpg

This is the final photo in the group and I believe it has the most information in it. Again, the scanner couldn't fit the cardbpard frame so the title has been cut out of the digital photo. It says; at the top: HongKong 1915-16, Royal Engineers, at the bottom: Winners of United Services League, Runners up of HK Challenge Sheild.

Rooftop Terrace, 145 Caine Road, 1920s, Hong Kong

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

I believe this was taken on the rooftop terrace of 145 Caine Road (formerly 73 Caine Road).  If so, what are the buildings in the background?

Hong Kong square 1920s.jpg

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

Does anyone recognize this place?  I am assuming it is in Hong Kong and I can place it in the 1920s due to the movie posters.  It was taken about 1925.

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