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1977 MTR Admiralty Station construction site

TST 1981 (Nathan Road)

Right hand is an entry to the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station.

Left - barely visible - is Golden Crown Court and the Swindon Book Shop.

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Massive door at North Point MTR exit B2


I recently moved to North Point and couldn't help notice that MTR exit B2 (the one leading to MacDonalds) has a massive metallic door (about ten inches thick!). That's totally odd, considering that other exits are protected with a simple metallic curtain, one of which is even installed behind the big door...

My first assumption was that there might have been a bank on the other side and this could have been a vault's door, but then I realised that the lock is apparently on the MTR side, not on the shop's side.

1982 - view from Telford Gardens

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MTR planning study 1967

Interesting excerpts from the 60s study here: http://www.hkitalk.net/HKiTalk2/thread-885346-1-1.html

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