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Everything tagged "Type A Splinter-Proof Shelter"

Shelter near Tai Tam Gap [????- ]

It's just before the Tai Tam Gap roundabout if you're coming from Shau Kei Wan.

Bunkers above Pok Fu Lam Reservoir [????- ]

If you look carefully you can see it as you take the steps down from the service reservoir to the main reservoir. It's about one third of the way down the steps, on the left. It has the wavy outline along the top of the concrete that we have seen on other, similar bunkers.

Possible bunker somewhere around The Twins, a bit off Wilson Trail phase 1 [????- ]


I have been to the Twins again yesterday.  Upon looking at the location at a lower point of view I have to amend the pointer a bit. The new location isn't absolute as I was unable to stand there taking my GPS reading.  It was an estimate based on a few new photos I took yesterday.

I even tried to locate the shelter but was unable to get through the under growth.  It cannot be seen from above.

I'll post a link of the photo later.

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