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Photos tagged "1940s Hong Kong"


c.1935 View of Hong Kong from the harbour

LTR escape route map 2: To Yeung to Waichow

LTR escape route map 1: SSP Camp to Three Fathoms Cove

1940s Tokwawan view

1940 Bank of Canton

Botanical Gardens 1940

Lyon Light Shelter

Lindsay Tasman Ride

Can anyone identify this street on Hong Kong island?

1940s Connaught Road Central

c.1940 House on Cheung Chau

Locomotive passing Chatham Road Camp [1946-1977]

1940s Junction of Leighton Hill & Caroline Hill Roads

"Hong Kong Mary's Sampan girl"

Yee Wo Street/Jardine's Bazaar

1940s Sun Kwong Hotel



Street Fire Alarm

The three sisters in 1940

c.1940 Quarry Bay

Mine off Cheung Chau

William Redwood photo.jpg

1940s Junction of Anton St & Hennessy Rd

F2 gun Mount Davis

1940s Lido at Repulse Bay

is that the same place? new hau wong temple in 1938

1940 Botanical Gardens

c.1940 The luckiest children on Cheung Chau

1940s Hong Kong Police

Do You Recognise Anyone in This Photo?

House #29, Cheung Chau

Star Ferry - 1940s

Mabel and Olive Redwood, Mrs Mabel Redwood, William R - Naval Terrace HK 1940.jpg

1940s Far East Motors

1940 Palace Hotel Business Card

1940s TST Haiphong Rd

1940s Grand Hotel

1940s Royal Naval Hospital

Back of photo

1940s Chinese Stone Bridge

1940s Street Scene

Charles Coull, Hong Kong Police

Braemar Terrace and North Point buildings

Shrapnel at Cheung Chau

1940 HK Police and reservists

1940 Causeway Road

F1 gun on Mount Davis

1940s Kowloon Star Ferry Bus Teminus

1940s Johnston Road

1940s Bank of East Asia Building

1940s Mid-Levels Looking East

This proves "U" never work

Sketched Map of Tsim Sha Tsui, 1930s or 1940s

Mystery rock on Cheung Chau

George Smirnoff c.1940

Hong Kong Police

Peak Tram, Upper Terminus

1940s Garden Road

Lindsay Tasman Ride

1940s Chardhaven Hotel

HK Island Pillbox Map

Liberty Theatre Cinema Yau Ma Tei

1940s Alhambra Theater / Nathan Road

c.1940 Stanley beach hut.jpg

Joe Savitsky

1940s Mid-Levels

1940s Aerial view of Causeway Bay

Young girl

1940s Pok Fu Lam Reservoir

Charles Coull and Colleague, Hong Kong Police

1940s Coastal Pillbox

1940s Fenwick Street

Shrapnel at Cheung Chau (2)


Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Hong Kong, 1940

Mavis Ming & The Women's League of Health

Hong Kong-Lane Crawford-Delicatessen-January 1940

Chicken farm Mar 1940.jpg

C.E. Warren-Well Boring-HK Telegraph-18-03-1940

C.E. Warren & Co. Ltd. ad for A.R.P. black out equipment


1940 Naval wedding

1940 Naval Wedding - Garden Road

Aberdeen from The Peak

364, The Peak

364, The Peak

Nagasaki Joe news 1

Soong family-251 Repulse Bay-1940-passenger list

1940-06-04 HKDP p.5 Kwan Lai-Chun

Tsim Sha Tsui-Kowloon Point-development proposal-1940

China Light & Power Co building

Skyscraper plan in Kowloon abandoned-HK Telegraph-15-06-1940

L.R.Neilson airport-1940-Manila

19400630 HKSH pg16 William Rogers wedding.jpg

Invasion prediction July 1940-UK newsprint

1940 American Evacuees

1940 American Express

Metropole Hotel advert 1940

1940 Hong Kong Evacuees in Australia

1940 Custom-Built Air Raid Shelter Advertisement

1940s Metropole Hotel Advert

King's Theatre

1940 Queen's Theatre Advert for "The Mighty Chang"

Python captured at Waglan Island-HK Daily Press-20-09-1940

Burns Philp Line

Shops next to Kowloon Wharf and Star Ferry

1940 CNAC Air Crash

1940 Liquour Establishments

Polo Gymkhana 1 November 1940 Fund Raising for War Effort

1940s (1.1).jpg

W Redwood's grave.jpg

1940s (1).jpg

Auxiliary Nurses

1940s Kowloon Star Ferry - Harrison Forman

Islands in the sun- New layout of traffic islands-HK Daily Press

R E Lindsell

Boris Milenko and friends at Hong Kong_Studio_December 1940-030.jpg

Cricket Party (The Royal Scots V. HKVDC). 29 December, 1940.

hkg 1941 pottinger street 1(2)

man carried in sedan, downtown Hong Kong - 1941

1941 Part of plan of Kowloon Wharves

1941 Nursing Detachment, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps

hms tamar 1941

1941 ? Police reserve ?

Prince Edward Road flats

Nursing Detachment, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps, 1941

1941 HKVDC Corps Signals at Fanling

1941 Bowrington Canal Air Raid Shelters

1941 Stands at Happy Valley

1941 Salesian Mission

1941 Hong Kong Land properties

1941 hkg pottinger street 1

Chantecler advert 1941

1941 Anderson Shelter

1941 SCMP staff

1941 Centenary Stamps

1941 Government House

"Showing a bit of leg at the V.A.D. review, April 1941"

1941 Bowrington Canal Air Raid Pen Shelters

Judge Paul Cressall.jpg

Eu Tong-Sen

1941 Gilman & Co's products

1941 Gascoigne Road Street Sign

Collier's Magazine June 1941

Coastal Gun-3

Coastal Gun-1

Coastal gun-2

1941 Suncream Advert

Sampan Annie-August 1941

1941 Clayson probate.jpg

1941 July 28 Harrison Forman

1941 July 28 Harrison Forman

1941 July 28 Harrison Forman

1941 AUG 4 Harrison Forman

1941 AUG 4 Harrison Forman

1941 AUG 4 Harrison Forman

1941 AUG 14 Harrison Forman

1941 AUG 14 Harrison Forman

1941 AUG 14 Harrison Forman

Model aircraft flying display-10,000 spectators-SCMP-18 August 1941

Hong Kong-Harrison Forman speaks to the nation-HK Daily Press-19-08-1941

1940s Newspaper Seller on Wyndham Street

Tin Hat Ball-Peninsula Hotel

1941 Kai Tak Marine Jetty

Lilian Bagram - Auxiliary Nurse

1941 Tennis at Civil Service Club

Wartime letter from Hong Kong to Wales

en route to HK 1941

Hong Kong December 1941

Extract from Barbara Anslow's Diary

Pan American-CNAC group sheltering

1941 Bombing Kaitak

1941 Pan Am Flying Boat Advert

Madame Kung's flight from Hong Kong-December 1941

Harbour View Hotel

1941 Peace Mission Photograph by Gwen Dew

1941 Peace Mission

Chardhaven Hotel-Baron's Court Hotel

1941 Peace Mission-part one

1941 Peace Mission-part two

Japanese troops of the 10th Independent artillery brigade attack North Point. 1941

Japanese troops pass Duro Paint factory

Leighton Hill Air Raid Shelter Portal No. 111 .jpg

Hong Kong-Island-under attack-aerial view-1941


Photo: Christmas Day, 1941

1941 Captured troops march past ARP tunnels

Notice from SCMP, 26 December 1941

Captured British soldiers on Queen's Rd East

Civilians emerge from Air Raid shelter tunnels

Page 4 - top

Page 2 - bottom

Page 1 - top

Page 4 - bottom

Page 3 - top

Page 1 - bottom

Page 3 - bottom

Page 2 - top

New Horizons, Loss and Recovery, Jan 1942, page 2


1942 Stanley Internment Camp

Bob Tatz Sketch by Christine Corra.jpg

New Horizons, Loss and Recovery, Jan 1942, page 1

2018 Remembrance Day

Morley's map of SSPo.jpg

Kentwell L. K.-January 1942

Bowen Road Group, circa January 1942

Married quarters

New Horizons, Hong Kong Drama, Feb 1942, page 2

New Horizons, Hong Kong Drama, Feb 1942, page 3

New Horizons, Hong Kong Drama, Feb 1942, page 1

Scriven's escape

Charles Schafer-Pan American Traffic Manager-Hong Kong-1942

Illustrated London News-bombing of Hong Kong

Portrait of Colin Luscombe

Letter of May 28 1942 from PoW Camp

John Pennefather-Evans

Mess 25, Block 10, Internment Camp, Stanley

J P Pennefather-Evans

A H Elston

John Pennefather-Evans


W R Chester-Woods

A W Smith

John Pennefather-Evans

John Pennefather-Evans

S Smith

B Thorpe

Wartime wedding

Weddding couple 2.jpeg

On the way to the wedding.jpeg

TOA Hotel Hong Kong 1942.jpg

Stanley Camp Food Queue

"Stalling Stanley" at The Stanley Empire

On board the Gripsholm, August 1942


John Charter's Stanley Camp passport

Yvonne Charter's Stanley Camp passport

Air Raids on Hong Kong October 1942

Air Raids on Hong Kong-October 1942

Air Raids on Hong Kong-October 1942

Air Raids on Hong Kong-October 1942

Map of Stanley Civilian Internment Camp

1940s North Point Reclamation

Yesterday / Today

1943 Japanese Occupation Postcard

Drawing of a nurse by Dr. Talbot 1943

Introduction from British Consul in Macau

Ship Bombed in Hong Kong Harbour

RW Mills as John Jelliwell in Spring Time for Henry - 19430325.jpg

RW Mills as Pontius Pilate in Good Friday - 19430422.jpg

KWANTI & KAM TIN landing grounds-presumably based on BAAG reports-May 1943

Conditions in Stanley Camp

GRIPSHOLM-repatration ship

Prison Camp art-Shamshuipo

Note from Mrs B Cunningham to Mrs Grace Smith.JPG

AA STANLEY 1 (1).jpg

AA STANLEY 1 (2).jpg

RW Mills as Elyot Chase in Private Lives - 19431021.jpg

R E Jones' "positioning" map

Air Raids on Hong Kong-November 1943

American air strike on harbour shipping-16 November 1943

Air Raids on Hong Kong-November 1943

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1943

RW Mills as Joseph in Nativity Play.jpg

RW Mills as Inspector Stack in Laburnum Grove - 19431230.jpg

Arnold Offenberg

Japanese soldiers relax in Repulse Bay

Anneke Offenberg

Japanese solider studio

Tinneke Offenberg

HK Fish Marketing Org Group Photo

Hong Kong Mail - Eric Kennard.png

RW Mills as Edith in Cinderella - 19440119.jpg

A Midsommer Night's Dreame

HK Fish Marketing Org Group Photo

La Czigane

SWEEPY TIME GAL crew members


Air Raid 1944-10-16 (2)

Air Raid 1944-10-16 (3)


Air Raids on Hong Kong-1944

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1944

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1944

Kai Tak airfield under Japanese control

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1944

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1944

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1944

BMH 1945 (detail)

Tai Po Bridge map.png


From the air 1945.

Hong Kong harbour 1944 or 45

Japanese troops on way to camp

1945 Wanchai

1945 Junction of Prince Edward Road & Boundary Street, with La Salle College in the background

Hong Kong 1940s.jpg

Borrett Road - aerial 1945

"1945 Nurse quarter"


Hong Kong RAF 1945

1945 Kowloon wharves

1945 Kowloon. = 飛鵝山望向港島

1945 Map of Kulangsu


View down Shelley Street

1945 Praya & GPO

American Air Force map from 1945

Air Raid 1945-01-16 (1)

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1945

Air Raid 1945-01-16 (2)

Air Raid 1945-01-16 (3)

Drop your bombs just here!-16 January 1945

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1945

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1945

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1945

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1945

1945_Resident Certificate.jpg

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1945

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1945

Hong Kong-Newsprint-HK News-19450519-001

A.R.P. tunnel's man escapes from Hong Kong

Air Raids on Hong Kong-1945

American Air Force-Hong Kong Island Map-segment.jpg

Steam locomotives for the KCR?

Street Scene-1945-Pottinger Street

Sham Shui Po Camp 1945

GP1945contract_2 (3).jpg

GP1945contract_1 (3).jpg

page 1 of "Is it really true?"

Landing platoon sending Chinese back across a damaged pier/bridge at Kowloon

Hong Kong citizens cheer the arrival of RCN's HMCS Prince Robert

Naval personnel from the HMCS Prince Robert visiting liberated Canadian prisoners of war at Sham Shui Po Camp, Hong Kong

Flag raising ceremony at Stanley Camp

Landing party disembarking from HMCS Prince Robert during the liberation of Hong Kong

Prince Robert landing party banner

Prince Robert crew observing turmoil in Hong Kong

1945 Kamikaze Boats

Canadian and British prisoners of war, liberated by the boarding party from HMCS Prince Robert, Hong Kong

R E Jones raising Union Jack at Stanley Camp

1945 Kai Tak Airport - Aerial View

HMCS Prince Robert, next to the pier during the Hong Kong Liberation in August 1945

First landing party on a wrecked pier/bridge wrecked bridge

HK Liberation 30 Aug 1945

Bombed out Zetland Hall

SCMP and HKT August 30 1945

Canadian and British prisoners of war awaiting liberation by the landing party from HMCS Prince Robert, Hong Kong

Arrival of HMCS Prince Robert Aug 30, 1945

Cases of wet beri-beri

Mabel Redwood & Mr A Raven in Stanley Camp

Children at Stanley Camp

Serious malnutrition cases

A recon photo of a Japanese POW Camp (King Park)

St. Stephen's Hall, 1945

Bowen Drive Waterworks c.1945 - HMCS Ontario - johnson-ontario-harbours17.jpg

1945 Racecourse

kowloon dockyard 1945

1945 Victory Parade

Japanese POW Camps in WWII

PW Supply Mission to Argyle Street POW Camp

Ex-Vice Chancellor of the former Hong Kong University, Mr D J Sloss

Japanese War Memorial


Cmdr. Peter MacRitchie of HMCS Prince Robert with liberated Canadian prisoners of war at Sham Shui Po Camp, Hong Kong

At Stanley Internment Camp, Hong Kong. August and September 1945.

PW Supply Mission to North Point POW Camp

St. Stephen's Hall, 1945

1945 Kowloon

Royal Marines Marching Through TST (1945)

Japanese war criminals 1945

Tai hang 1945

Looted houses on the Peak

At Stanley Internment Camp, Hong Kong. August and September 1945.(2)

newspaper buyers 1945

Stanley Camp 1945

Empress of Australia in Hong Kong

1945 GPO Special Chop

Hong Kong Japanese Surrender 2.jpg

Hong Kong Japanese Surrender 1.jpg

Weekly China Mail, 1945-09-13, pg 7

Weekly China Mail, 1945-09-13, pg 4

Weekly China Mail, 1945-09-13, pg 8

Landing in HK 1945

Weekly China Mail, 1945-09-13, pg 5

Weekly China Mail, 1945-09-13, pg 2

Weekly China Mail, 1945-09-13, pg 6

Weekly China Mail, 1945-09-13, pg 3

Arrival of British Troops H.M.C.S. Ontario

Weekly China Mail, 1945-09-13, pg 1

1945 Kai Tak - RAF Air Traffic Control Operations

Lt.-Gen. Tanaka signs the Instrument of Surrender while Vice Admiral Fujita awaits his turn, Government House

1945 Kai Tak - Possible Location of Control Tower Used by the Japanese

Maj.-Gen. Okada handing over his sword during the ceremony marking the surrender of Japan in Hong Kong, Government House

1942-1945 Births at Stanley Internment Camp

Kowloon Wharves exit gate-railway tracks in place-POWs exiting

1945 Kai Tak

1945 Stanley Camp

Holt's Wharf-liberation aircraft carrier moored-1945

1945 Surrender Ceremony - Government House

September 16,1945

1945 Surrender Ceremony - Government House

HMS STRIKER being tied up at Holt's Wharf

Repatriation Notice No 7-to Australia via HMS Striker-September 1945

Young witnesses to war

Hong Kong Liberation - Bo'ness Journal and Linlithgow Advertiser 1945 September 28th clipping.png

KCR-1945-29 Sept-first-train-after liberation

Internees at Stanley after liberation

c.1945 Kowloon

1945 HMS Nabcatcher's Bell

1945 Waterloo Road

1945 Ruin after the war (Queen's College)

1945 RAF Kai Tak

1945 Central British School

1945 St Joseph's Home for the Aged Chapel

1945 RAF Kai Tak Marine Craft

1945 Kowloon Wharves

1945 Japanese War Memorial

1945 HK & Whampoa Docks

1945 Japanese POWs Marching

1940s Short Sunderland Flying Boat at Kowloon Bay

1945 Statue Square

1945 Looted house

1945 Japanese War Memorial

c.1945 Kowloon (detail)

1940s Spitfire at RAF Kai Tak

1945 Waterloo Road

1945 Above TST

1945 St. Joseph's Home for the Aged

1945 Statue Square

1945 D' Aguilar Street

1945 Kai Tak Airport

1945 Kai Tak Airport - Ground View

Mabel & Clifton's Wedding

Longer view of the ceremonies at the cenotaph

People parading in a street (Oct. 1945)

Fairey Barracudas fly in formation over the Japanese surrender celebrations

Fireworks over the harbour, celebrating the Japanese surrender.

Ceremonies at a cenotaph

No 5358 Wing (Airfield Construction) group-October 1945

Rehabilitation of Hok Yuen Power Station-October 1945-009

Rehabilitation of Hok Yuen Power Station-October 1945-006

Rehabilitation of Hok Yuen Power Station-October 1945-001

Rehabilitation of Hok Yuen Power Station-October 1945-004

Rehabilitation of Hok Yuen Power Station-October 1945-007

Rehabilitation of Hok Yuen Power Station-October 1945-000

Rehabilitation of Hok Yuen Power Station-October 1945-003

Rehabilitation of Hok Yuen Power Station-October 1945-008

Rehabilitation of Hok Yuen Power Station-October 1945-005

Rehabilitation of Hok Yuen Power Station-October 1945-002

"Their birthplace was Jap camp"

1945 Tkachenko

1945 Shipping Wrecks in Victoria Harbour

1945 Tsim Sha Tsui

Kai Tak wartime Japanese control tower location-1945

Japanese built structure-possibly a control tower-operations blockhouse

Aerial View of Kowloon Peninsula 1945

Mid-Levels 1945

Hong Kong from the air, 1945

Mid-Levels and HK University

1945 view over HKU

Pui Shan, Hong Kong, 1945

RAF Men Adopt Two Chinese Boys.png

Dudman W.F.-1945

1945 Hankow Road

Kellett Bay Hong Kong, Dec. 1945

Sailors from US Seventh Fleet visit Hong Kong

Colonel Tokunaga

Hailing a bus, Hong Kong, 1945

Sailors from US Seventh Fleet visit Hong Kong

Dr. Shunkishi Saito

Sailors from US Seventh Fleet visit Hong Kong

Former British Military Hospital Dec 1945

Work on airfield Ping Shan 1945

Sailors from US Seventh Fleet visit Hong Kong

1945 Ping Shan Aerodrome (Proposed)

1945 Army Car Accident

Sailors from US Seventh Fleet visit Hong Kong

THE ARLINGTON HOTEL-Hub of the universe!-China Mail-05-12-1945

A flat iron shaped building, Hong Kong

Peak Tram station at May Road (1945)

1945 Pillbox at the Junction of Queen's Road East and Hennessy Road

Mr & Mrs Bander

View across Repulse Bay

1940s Peninsula Hotel

Hong Kong, Feb.1946


1940s Lido at Repulse Bay

1946 Japanese War Memorial

Bowen Road Mansions looking South West towards Peak


NAAFI 1945-46

Mark Tsui & Agnes Lin Wedding.jpg

1940s model of Kadoorie Estate looking west across Waterloo Road

Gillies Ave Pier

Defended Ports 1946


1946 Hong Kong Cricket Club

A day at the races - Hong Kong 1945-46

Church Guest House/Martin House 1940s


Kowloon Canton Railway 1946


1946 Pottinger St Air Raid Tunnel Entrance

1946 Lena Lodge

Jubilee Buildings

My Grandfather



Vic_Peak_tram 1945-46

Pottinger Street from Queen's Road, Central. 1946

11 Magazine Gap Road Ruin

Defended Ports 1946 - Hong Kong

1946 View from Midlevels


1946 Hong Kong Cricket Club

Happy Valley Racecourse 1945-46


Homantin Street Kowloon 1946

TST Railway Station 1946 - in camo

1946 Japanese War Memorial

1946 General Post Office (3rd Generation)

1946 Wanchai view

1946 Tiger Balm Gardens


View over CPS

Pok Fu Lam, 1946

Jubilee Buildings

1940s Junction of Chatham Road and Mody Road


Cust Rock Beacon

1946 Over Hunghom


War damage Sham Shui Po 1946

Pedder Street

1946 Gingles Cafe, Wanchai


Kowloon_ferry 1945-46

1940s model of Kadoorie Estate seen from above

First Floor Flat Sham Shui Po Police Station 1946

1946 Swimming Pool, Ritz Garden at North Point

1946 Queen Victoria Statue

Barker Road 1946

City from Robinson Road c.1946

Repulse Bay Hotel 1945-46

1946 Tiger Balm Gardens



1940s Kennedy Terrace

1946 Statue Square

BMH and Mt Cameron 1945-46

Wedding of Mr and Mrs Leo Landau 1946 at the Jewish synagogue Robinson Road Hong Kong


Kai Tak-HMS Nabcatcher uses Japanese operations building

HSBC's SEA LIONS-Myths & Legends

DDT Spraying by Royal Navy aircraft-China Mail 946

Royal Navy aircraft DDT spraying-SCMP 1946

DDT Spraying by Royal Navy aircraft-1946

Tai Mo Shan-RAF Station in the clouds

RAF Transport Command.jpg

Car entering North Point Power Station (1946)

Shek Tong Tsui Gas Holder

Praya Patrol

RAF Dakota crash -West Lantau Peak

Vehicular Ferry Central

Junction of Des Voeux Road Central and Pedder Street

Hong Kong Fire Engines at the Japanese Imperial Palace

Flight Lieutenant H.B. (Dolly) Gray G.C., A.F. M. ,R.A.F.

Entertaining the Troops in 1946

Temporary buildings in Statue Square-June 1946-Air Services huts in foreground

RAF Marine Craft-No 1359-on slipway-1946

Government 'huts'-Statue Square-1946

RAF Marine Craft Section-Kai Tak-headquarters-1946

Spraying Hong Kong with DDT

RAF Marine Craft-No 1359-1946

RAF Marine Craft-No 72-on slipway-1946

Temporary buildings in Statue Square-June 1946

Airport coach pre-war survivor used by Japanese

RAF Marine Craft-No 1536-on slipway-1946

RAF Marine Craft-No 1359-on slipway-1946

Kennedy Road


Houses along Magazine Gap Rd

Peninsula with camouflage


Floating dry dock

c.1946 View over HK harbour from May Road

Typhoon damage at Kai Tak airport (3)

Typhoon damage at Kai Tak airport (1)

Typhoon damage at Kai Tak airport (2)

Kowloon ferry

Peak Railway (May Road)


HK Peace 1946 First Day Envelop.jpg

19460907 Graca letter.jpeg

1946 Queen Victoria Statue

RM HKG 1946b.JPG

Hong Kong China Fleet Club Programme 1946

Chick's Bridge

Taikoo 1946 Hogmanay New Year Lunch Menu.jpg

Taikoo 1946 Hogmanay New Year Lunch cover.jpg

Repulse Bay Hotel

1947 Photos

View North over TST from Peninsula Hotel 1946-47

WW II survivor.jpg

Happy Valley 1947

View of Tiger Balm Gardens taken from Victoria Park, Hong Kong, China, 1947

1947 Map of Kowloon near Chatham Road

尖沙嘴消防局 Tsim Sha Tsui Fire Station 1947

Majestic Theatre Late 40s

Looking across the harbour to Kai Tak

1940s Repulse Bay

Postcard Hong Kong: Views from the Peak, ca. 1947

1947 York Road

Group of Unknown People After WW2 Hong Kong


Wing On Bank/Life

1947 KCR Railway Siding to Holt's Wharf & KWGC

1947 Cathay Pacific DC3 (C47A) over Kowloon

House on Magazine Gap

1940s Wanchai & Admiralty

HK-Canton-Macao Steamboat Company-1st postwar General Meeting

1947 Tiger Balm

1940s St Mary's Church

Kai Tak airport (As seen from Lion Rock)

1947 De Soto

1947 KCR Railway Siding to Hong Kong Whampoa Dockyard

St. John's Hall in 1947 (after reconstruction from WWII)

Presentation to Sai Kung residents

Frank and Barbara at Waterfall Bay 1947

Murder of S C Collins

Japanese War Memorial-the sword

Return the YMCA back to its owners-HK Sunday Herald-2 March 1947

1947 Queen Victoria Statue et al

Names from the past-Red Lion Inn & Jack Conder-China Mail-16-04-1947

Lyall Scott Glendinning-Missing-China Mail front page-02-05-1947

Casualty of War-China Mail-05-07-1947

Dangerous Days-China Mail

Ma Wan Beach Resort-1947

Kowloon-Roads renamed

Hong Kong-Kowloon-East TST & Chatham Road

MAN KIM or KIN-HKYF vehicle ferry

Chatham and Cameron Roads 1947

Aberdeen-merchant ship moored

Kai Tak-north-east mound

Opening of Lai Chi Kok Hotel and Amusement Park















Aerial view of Happy Valley








Clearwater Bay

1947 Japanese Tunnels

TKACHENKO's Russian Restaurant advert

1947 Carol Bateman (School of Dancing) - Helena May Institute

Charles and Eileen Medley, Hong Kong 1947

1947 Dairy Farm Ice & Cold Storage, Peak Branch

Stanley village

1947 HMS Tamar - Receiving Ship

Eastern Model Supply Co. Advert - Nathan Road

1940s Junction of Wing Lok Street and Bonham Strand

1940s Murray Road

1940s Junction of Hart and Prat Avenues

Taikoo Club and Stanley Terrace, Quarry Bay kids parties 1

1940s Queen's Road Central and Garden Road

1948 Tkachenko's

Causeway Road in 1940s

1940s Carnarvon Road

1948 Bishop's Lodge - Bomb Damaged

1948 Peak Tram - MacDonnell Road Stop

1948 Tai Wan Beach (Hung Hom) Beach

Holland-China Trading Company: portrait of Shanghai comprador Tsao Lan Chue, ca. 1948

Peak Tram from MacDonnell Road Bridge

Kowloon Peninsula 1948

1948 Hong Kong Hotel Garage

1948 floating restaurant

Double Domes

1948 Village Road

1940s Junction of Nathan Road and Peking Road

1948 RAF Kai Tak - US Navy Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina

House at 62 Barker Road on the Peak in Hong Kong, Gustave Volckaert, 1948

Philip Harding Klimanek: 1948 portrait

1948 King's Building

1940s KCR Terminus

Telephone Building - Construction begins

1940s Prince Edward Road

Kowloon Wharves 1948

Bethel Bible Seminary, 1948

Ho Tung Garden

1948 Kowloon Peninsula

1948 Kowloon wharves

Braathens-Schoolchildren's holiday plane-SCMP 8 Jan 1948

Report from Bias Bay-01

1948 Wyndham Street

Back of postcard

"View of camp with Kawloon City in the background"



Linda Cater

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, March 1948

Thomas Waller in 1948

Holts Wharf Staff

American Aeroplane in Hong Kong



Madame T V Soong & Sir Alexander Grantham Happy Valley

16 Jul 1948, "Miss Macao" airplane crash

Armed junk-Hong Kong-1948

Western end of Hong Kong island-circa 1948

Repulse Bay-Amphibious Sea Plane

Sheko Golf Club-1948

Gloucester Hotel

Tai Po approaches

Abercrombie development map-1948

Hong Kong Island-1948

Happy Valley racecourse-1948

Taikoo Sugar delivery van

China Light & Power building

Central District & slopes beyond-1949

1948 Hong Kong Hotel Garage - Studebaker Advertisement

1948 Trans Asiatc Airlines Advertisement

Cathay- Catalina flying boat-Passenger-Batley present-pilot's log-book page

Cathay- Catalina flying boat-Passenger-Batley present-clip fron log-book page

1948 Queen's Theatre

1948 Annual Cross Harbour Race

Kowloon Hung Hom from the air 1949

Repulse Bay 1940s Pillbox 18

The National Lacquer & Paint Products Co. Ltd factory, North Point

1949 HMS Tamar (previously 'Wellington Barracks')

3 Hong Kong Xmas 1949.jpg


1949 De Soto

1949 Sha Tau Kok Police Post

Star Ferry

1949 Blake Pier

Royal Army Medical Corps about 1949/50?

KGV School

Bailey bridge at Man Kam To 1949

1940s Boats Alongside Praya Central

1940s Happy Valley Racecourse

Air photo of Wanchai Govt School 1949

1949 Kai Tak

Quarry Bay School concerts 1

1949, Sha Tau Kok control point

Nathan Road showing Gingles Restaurant

1949 Central Harbour

1940s Upper Peak Tram Terminus

No. 8a Boundary Stone (1898)

1949 Kowloon Star Ferry

DragLodge1949 026.jpg

1940s KCR Train near Chatham Road

Ning Yeung Terrace from Bonham Rd. 1949

Broadwood Road, Hong Kong

Junction Of Hennesey Rd & Arsenal Street. 1949

1949 Queen's Road Central

1949 Douglas Steamship Co. Ltd. Wharf

Tennis team.jpg

48, Ho Man Tin Hill Road

1949 Peking Road

Report from Bias Bay-02

Report from Bias Bay-008.jpg

Report from Bias Bay-005

Report from Bias Bay-009-loading onto HMS Belfast

Report from Bias Bay-006-villagers look on

Report from Bias Bay-010-loading onto HMS Belfast

Report from Bias Bay-007.jpg

Report from Bias Bay-04.jpg

Report from Bias Bay-011

Green Ville Amusement Park.jpg

City Hall Extension Demolition

Cathay Pacific crash February 1949

Lane Crawford Ltd-Food Parcels for Home-1949

Hong Kong-pavement letter- box orientation-China Mail-08-03-1949

possibly Hong Kong's first traffic roundabout-17 March 1949

RAF Short Sunderland "D" ML772

Kennedy Road - Zetland Hall Foundation stone

New double deck KMB buses-18 April 1949-SCMP

Kowloon-presumably the flats that had to be demolished to make way for Kai Tak's new runway-19-04-1949

The Peak 1949

Tiger Balm Gardens pagoda-1949

Access to Star Ferry 1949/1959

Belchers Fort 18 May 1949.jpg

Mount Davis-Squatter's huts to be replaced

DBS War Memorial

CNAC & CAT airliners impounded at Kai Tak.jpg

Mei Fu Sun Chuen-Fuel Tank Farm

AOP Auster-temp location near the border-1949

Closed Area Crossing-Chicks Bridge

Captain Chick-Charles Kennett- border crossing Bailey Bridge

Naval Dockyard & Kowloon-1949

Close Encounters with Kowloon City

Naval Dockyard-1949

AOP Auster-temp location near the border-message exchange.

AOP Auster-temp location near the border-1949

BOAC half-bus to Kai Tak from the Peninsula Hotel

DUNROSE, Castle Peak

BOAC Air Hostess-1949

AOP Auster-temp location near the border-1949

Joanna Lumley + sister-Hong Kong-screen-grab

BOAC Air or Ground Hostess-1949

Catholic Cathedral Caine Road-1949

AOP Auster-temp location near the border-1949

Hotel accommodation in 1949

La Marseillaise (1949) a.k.a Marseillaise

AOP Auster-temp location near the border-1949

aerial view 1949-06-17 details

TST aerial view 1949-06-17

British reinforcements 1949 kowloon

1949 BOAC Argonaut

Hong Kong-New Territories -new Army Camps construction-China Mail-15-07-1949

Diamond Hill hangar-China Mail-16-07-1949

La Salle College reqd. for hospital

ID cards for all to be introduced-China Mail

HMS Amethyst berthing at Tamar

HK2 001.jpg

HK3 001.jpg

Des Voeux Road, central

1949 Argonaut - BOAC News Letter

Arch - 1949 - Fanling(?)


Kowloon Garden City

Aldrich Bay from Lyemun Camp 1949


Health Village-North Point

UTOPIA MANSIONS-Robinson Road & Conduit Road-China Mail

1949 Repulse Bay

The Peak tram with a view out over Hong Kong city and harbour

View from inside the Hong Kong Peak Tram fenicular

Tram, Hong Kong (upper terminus)


Extension of ferry services-China Mail-24-10-1949

Lane Crawford-The Grocer-advert-1949

1949 KGV class photo

Wanchai-Tonnochy Road-new ferry pier

YAUMATI-WANCHAI Ferry Service Starts-HK Sunday Herald

Yaumati-Wanchai ferry-new service-HK Sunday Herald

1940s HK Telephone Building

Luna Park ride

Luna Park entrance-North Point

Luna Park attractions

Luna Park-Big Wheel

Shatin Tiger Cub mauling-China Mail

New CHEERO CLUB Formally opened-China Mail-15-12-1949

4 Hong Kong Xmas 2.jpg

Grampian Road Houses

1949 Funeral Procession Passing By Pooi To Middle School


1950s Des Voeux Road Central near Ice House Street

Flt. lt. H.B Gray G.C. A.F.M -postal cover


Stanley Military Cemetery - Headstones

Stanley Military Cemetery - 1945 Air Raid Victims

Stanley Military Cemetery - Francais Libre memorial

Stanley Military Cemetery - Headstones

St. Stephens Memorial Stone - Stanley Military Cemetery 1998

Sham Shui Police Station 2007

1940 Defence Regulations on Camera Usage

1940 Parisian Grill

Cover Page of Booklet 'HONG KONG Before, During and After the Pacific War'

1941 A. R. P. Badge

Paul de Roux's tomb

Memorial Plaque for Louis Reynaud

Gravestone: 1945 Air raid victims at Stanley Camp

Gravestone of L Ellis

SS Taishan (watercolour)

C.E. Warren & Co. Ltd. headed notepaper

Hong Kong Japanese Surrender 3.png

Pagoda napkin.jpg

KGV class photo

Edith Townsend diary pg.01.jpg


Ping Shan pagoda-no date.jpg

Bluff Head Battery DEL 2

Edith Townsend.jpg

First Day Covers

MF KEY WWII Pg16.jpg

Photo on file in case lost

LL 029


Traffic confusion

O2936 Tonoff

Prayer book made in Stanley Camp ca 1942

Edith Townsend diary pg.06.jpg

OLD PHOTOS (12.1).jpg

MF KEY WWII Pg13.jpg

LL 029


Oriental 東方1930-40s.jpg

Christening Invitation 21st Apr 1940


MF KEY WWII Pg10.jpg

Brit. POW's leave HK for Japanese prison campArmy

pillbox 029

Survey of tunnels-China Mail-15-09-1945

Horace William Bonner

Bert McVey, HKP & Stanley POW (seated right) was 'best man' at the marriage of Robert Cunningham to Donella Goodall, Feb 1946


Paget family on beach

Officers' Mess

DEL Switch box

Margaret Wheeldon Pugh

The Guest family


pillbox 029

Brown wrapping paper

Edith Townsend diary pg.09.jpg

Magazine cover

Stanley Camp Sketch

Maria Wilhelmina Koens (Zus Blumenthal) and Leon Blumenthal

Margaret Wheeldon Pugh

Weddding certificate.jpeg


pillbox 029

Landau IMG_3106.JPG

Nancy Moller de Boissezon.jpg

Edith Townsend diary pg.02.jpg

Shoeshine for Peter Paget

Medal ribbons

Bluff Head Battery DEL 2

Hong Kong WW11 01.jpg

RW Mills by AJ Savitsky.jpg

MF KEY WWII Pg17.jpg

Back of Photo Charles and Eileen Medley Hong Kong Oct 1 1947


Elva Jo Nelson Paget on beach

William Paterson b.1947. 1949 (01) 3rd from right. Broadwood Road.jpg

Dr. Harry Talbot

O2936 Tonoff

Edith Townsend diary pg.07.jpg

MF KEY WWII Pg14.jpg

LL 029

Escape party

Report from Bias Bay-03

MF KEY.jpg

slipway kowloon 1946.jpg

A 'room'

War damage Sham Shui Po 1946

O2831 Milenko

Edith Townsend diary pg.04.jpg

MF KEY WWII Pg11.jpg

Capt. Bob Newton of the 5/7 Rajputs

pillbox 029

1940s buildings near Sikh temple


The wagon park of 779 co RASC Civil Affairs unit

DEL platform


First Japanese Governor

LTR escape route map 3: BAAG HQ and British Embassy

pillbox 029

1945 Ping Shan Aerodrome (Proposed)

Edith Townsend diary pg.10.jpg

Gripsholm arrival

h-k-- navy 021.jpg

A Chinese language advertisement for the Restaurant Tkachenko's

Title / signature


Margaret Wheeldon Pugh


pillbox 029

Landau IMG_3124.jpeg

Chrys Moller.jpg

Edith Townsend diary pg.11.jpg


Margaret Wheeldon Pugh

Bluff Head Battery DEL 2

Damage to HMS London

MF Key WWII pg2.jpg

pillbox 029

MF KEY WWII Pg18.jpg

Marine Lot 111 as in 1936-45

Comparison of area above Botanical Gardens


Broadwood Road??

Japanese Wartime Tunnel below Braemar Hill AOP.jpg

Bluff Head Battery DEL 1

Back of photo

Edith Townsend diary pg.08.jpg

MF Key WWII Pg15.jpg

LL 029

Edith Townsend diary pg.03.jpg


Empress of Australia in Hong Kong 1945

O2831 Milenko

Prayer book made in Stanley Camp ca 1942-interior

Ruin of 5 Magazine Gap Road

Edith Townsend diary pg.05.jpg

Stanley Internees on the voyage home

MF KEY WWII Pg12.jpg

LL 029

147 Caine Rd


harbour crossing on landing craft

Luard Road


HK. 1941 Taikoo

pillbox 029

Robert Cunningham with police dog Vicky

Edith Townsend - Red Cross letter

Paget family in HK

hq land forces hong kong


Margaret Wheeldon Pugh

Stanley camp photos.jpeg

Massacre Plot


MF Key WWII Pg6.jpg

pillbox 029

Eric Moller photo Seattle times Jan 18, 1949.jpg

Edith Townsend diary pg.12.jpg

Peter Paget

Margaret Wheeldon Pugh

MF KEY WWII pg3.jpg

George Stacy Kennedy-Skipton: tanks with night soil for use as fertiliser during the occupation

pillbox 029

RW Mills as Captain Hardy in Eve of Trafalgar.jpg
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