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Junction of Des Voeux Road Central and Pedder Street

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The newspaper seller is standing beside the pillar of Gloucester Building on Pedder Street. Alexandra Building ("The Chemists") can be made out on the right. The building pillar with No. 287 on it can also be seen in this photo here

Morley's map of SSPo.jpg

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This map of Shamshuipo POW camp was drawn by D W Morley, one of the group of four who escaped from the camp in January 1942. The map also shows the initial route they took.

The original is held in the UK National Archives, their reference ADM 199/357, document 10364.

For more on the escape, see L T Ride's report.

Edith Townsend diary pg.11.jpg

Edith Townsend diary pg.12.jpg

Edith Townsend diary pg.09.jpg

Edith Townsend diary pg.10.jpg

Edith Townsend - Red Cross letter

Edith Townsend diary pg.03.jpg

Edith Townsend diary pg.01.jpg

Edith Townsend diary pg.02.jpg


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