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Victoria Hospital [1903-c.1947]

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c.1947-12-31 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

1930s War Memorial Hospital

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Photo received by email.

War Memorial Nursing Home / Royal Navy Hospital / BMH Mount Kellett [1932-1975]

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The War Memorial Nursing Home opened on this site on Wednesday, 16th March 1932 [1].

Despite the name, in its early years it was a civilian hospital. The name referred to the fund that commemorated the people who fought in WW1, and which contributed to the costs of building this hospital.

After WW2, the Royal Navy Hospital in Wanchai was considered in too poor condition to be re-used. So the War Memorial Hospital was taken over by the Navy, and became the new Royal Navy Hospital.

Royal Naval Hospital, Wanchai [1873-1949]

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Read the history of the hospital here.

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Matilda International Hospital [1907- ]

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Their website has a brief history.

Bowen Road British Military Hospital [1907- ]

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There is an entry in Wiki describing this building, which gives these dates: It was built between 1903 and 1906, and officially opened on July 1, 1907.

Donald C Bowie's 'Captive Surgeon' gives a detailed account of his time at the hospital between 1942 and 1945. During that time he was the Senior Medical Officer, and the hospital cared for Allied POWs.


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