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Murray Road Car Park, Hong Kong - demolished

Taken from the Garden Road Flyover, the car park was straight ahead (compare to the 2016 photo).

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17-19 Kennedy Road. Copyright Lo Family. benbowen.

The Lo Yuk-Tong family house, at 17-19 Kennedy Road, was first built in 1919, and demolished near 1970. It is one of the sites that was redeveloped to build current day Hopewell Centre.

Liberty Theatre Cinema Yau Ma Tei

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I am new this web site, i noticed there was no image of the Liberty Theatre Yau Ma Tei in the grand data base you have here, well here is one I own....

Peak Mansions [1928-1990]

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Anonymous wrote:

Peak Mansions [is] where I grew up. Wonderful old building, full of history and ghosts, and pulled down in 1990-91 to make way for the ghastly Peak Galleria.

80skid wrote:

I spent some very enjoyable Christmas's with family friends here when I was a kid in the 80s. My favourite treat was feeding the big fireplace.

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