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K.I.L. 2004 Marker Stones at Pak Tai Temple, Ma Tau Wai Road [????- ]

Hi there,

I spotted these two K.I.L. 2004 Marker Stone located at the two corners of the temple facing Ma Tau Wai Road.

Photos later.

Best Regards,


#65 Ha Heung Road, Tokwawan [????- ]

#20 Pau Chung Street, Surviving Pillar [????- ]

#344 Ma Tau Wai Road, Tokwawan [????- ]

#16 San Lau Street﹐ Tokwawan [????- ]

Spotted the pillars of this one whlie on a 101 Bus.  Would have to go back to take a second look for the exact location.

Confirm the street number to be #16.  This house is only a partil one, I believe.  Only the ground floor and second floor looked genuine.  

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