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Tai Hing Slaughterhouse [1960-1980]

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Owned by Wong Wing-cheung Eddie (王永祥), the original owner of Hong Kong Resorts (香港興業). The slaughterhouse was standing at the current site of DB Plaza. 

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Discovery Bay Ferry Pier [????- ]

Vehicular Ferry Pier, Discovery Bay [1982- ]

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Hi there,

I have not been to Disco Bay for over 20 years.  But I remember they had such a facility before they have highway access basically for residents' moving in or out.  Yaumati Ferry used to have  special arrangements with the developer for such ferry  service.  Don't know if the pier had been demolished or not.  The marker above is just an approximate location.  Correction welcome.

Any updates concerning if the pier is still there are welcomed as well.

Best Regards,


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