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Clara Ho Tung: A Hong Kong Lady, Her Family and Her Times

Submitted by LizB on Mon, 05/22/2023 - 02:29

Published in 1976 by Chinese University of Hong Kong (203pp).

The inside back dust jacket states:

"Dr. Irene Cheng has written this book with the context of Hong Kong in mind. She includes appendices on Chinese customs, calendars and history that will explain to the reader not only the woman, Clara Ho Tung, but the milieu in which she worked and raised her prodigious family. The book is Dr. Cheng's tribute to her mother, who wrote her own memoirs before World War II."

Irene CHENG (née HOTUNG) [1904-2007]

Submitted by LizB on Mon, 05/22/2023 - 02:25

Daughter of Clara Cheung Ching Yung and Robert Ho Tung.

Author of Clara Ho Tung: A Hong Kong Lady, Her Family and Her Times (1976) Chinese University of Hong Kong, 203pp.

On the inside back dust jacket, it states: "Dr. Irene Cheng, B.A. Hong Kong, 1925; M.A. Columbia, 1929 and Ph.D. London, 1936...appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 1961. She was formerly a lecturer on Chinese cultural life at the University of California at San Diego."