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Photos tagged "Amah"

1910: Craigmin, amah and Queen's College prefects

1917: Amah Theft 16 Kennedy Road The China Mail, page 4, 14th February 1917.png

1922: Linga and amah skiing back home in Norway.JPG

1930: Big_Wave_Bay.jpg

1938: Household staff of R W Smith

1939: Walking down to the swimming pool on Lantau

1948: 1948 Me with my baby amah whose name I know not.jpg

1949: 6 Amahs - Ah Ling & niece Hong Kong 1949.jpg

1951: Cape Collinson Amah

1951: Camp Collinson Amah Ah Hoi.

1952: Camp Collinson amah Ah Fong at work.

1952: Sek Kong amah Ping with daughter Sue.

1952: Camp Collinson D Watch balcony Amah Ah Hoi.

1952: Amah and children

1952: Lymun Camp Amah Ah Hoi 1952.

1953: Little Sai Wan Amah Ah Fong 1953.

1953: Nancy Rand and Amah Ah Moy.

1957: Amahs' Room A Watch b.

1957: Amahs' Room A Watch.

1958: R.A.F. Little Sai Wan. Chung, our amah

1958: Amah's

1960: c Alan Parr right with amah and pals.

: 'Maureen, Denny & Sheila with Amahs, Suffolk Road'

: 1950s Fred Evans' photos

: 1947 - Oct 5 christening walking to Chatham Rd.jpg
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