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Everything tagged "BP marker stone"

BP19, Razor Hill

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

BP33 Chun Shek Hill

BP8 Fir Hill [????- ]

BP8 Fir Hill

Duplicate - please delete [????- ]

BP39 Siu Nui Fung [????- ]

BP7 Kong Hill [????- ]

BP39 Siu Nui Fung

This BP marker stone is located on the top of Siu Nui Fung, Junk Bay.
Photo Credit (版主)

BP7 Kong Hill

I found this marker stone nearby the existing trigo station (7031.07) at Kong Hill (Kai Leng)

Marker stone without BP number

The location of this stone is on the top of Chung Wan Ting (涌灣頂) of Crooked Island. I can only found WD was marked on the stone. Since the shape is similar to other BP marker stones. I wonder this stone also belongs to the BP marker stone. 

Photo credit: B Ng


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