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Historical Amsterdam: 1696 pharmacy Van der Meulen & Chinatown

Taking a walk from Shipping House (Het Scheepvaarthuis) at Prins Hendrikkade, to Oude Kerk, you pass the Bantammerbrug, where you find the pharmacy Van der Meulen, in use as a pharmacy since 1696.

The wall above the pharmacy has a facing brick with a 'yawner', which can sometimes still be seen above historical pharmacies in the Netherlands.
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Long lost family from Hong Kong in the 1950s

Hotz collection: Hong Kong, Victoria Hills and Causeway Bay, ca. 1870

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Charles' employer, Holland-China Trading Company (HCHC), was founded by several people, including Albert Hotz, through Hotz, s'Jacob & Co (Albertus Paulus Hermanus Hotz, born in Rotterdam in 1855, died in Italy in 1930).

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