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What happened to the Arrival Hall Miramar Snack Bar at Kai Tak Airport?

Hi all! I uploaded some stills from movies in the 80s (hopefully it's ok), Aces Go Places 最佳拍檔 1982, and The Occupant 灵气逼人 1984. They all show that there was a Arrival Hall Miramar Snack Bar behind the Arrivals Hall flight display board. The board was then suspended from the ceiling.

Kai Tak Airport - Hangar 3 - Engineering Staff - c.1981

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

Photo taken inside Hangar No.3 of the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company  ("HAECO") premises.

In the background is an Air Niugini Boeing 707 ,undergoing overhaul.

1956 Progress reclamation KT

Text on Flickr:

The Sacred Hill has almost disappeared. The small garden at the left middle border, containing the Sung Wong Toi stone, is being landscaped. (Source: Noel Hitching RAF)

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My only memory with Kai Tak

Hi guys. I am new to gwulo.com. Nice to meet you all and learn the history about Hong Kong from all of you.

I took the pictures below last year from Kai Tak Airport Photo Exhibition at Mikiki, San Po Kong. Before the Airport’s closure, I was still very little living in Sham Shui Po. Even though I had never been to the Airport, I was amazed by aeroplanes and engine noise flying over my head. The rest of my impression about Kai Tak is from TV dramas and movies.

Do you have special memories or nostalgia with Kai Tak?

kai tak old photo event.png

kai tak 1.jpg

kai tak 2.jpg

1958 Almost completed runway

Channel Rock on the right. A line of buoys connected the end of the runway with the rock.

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Kai Tak Airport ca. 1950

Believe the photo was taken from Checkerboard Hill. Kowloon Chinese Christian Cemetery on the right.

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The flight crew of Imperial Airways aircraft "Dorado" with the Governor

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

On 24 March 1936 the first flight carrying airmail from London arrived aboard The Imperial Airways aircraft "Dorado" from Penang.  This photo , scanned from the June 1936 edition of 'The Far Eastern Review' shows the aircraft crew with the the Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Andrew Caldecott inside the hangar ar Kai Tak aerodrome.


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