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Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

From a 2014 story in the Post Magazine of SCMP.

Quarry Bay Gas Holder [c.1969-1986]

Date Place completed: 
c.1969-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
Date Place demolished: 
c.1986-06-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

Probably built after closure of Taikoo Sugar Refinery. The gas holder is visible on an aerial photo from 1972 (found at the website of Hong Kong Map Service - free of charge only with limited resolution). On the image from 1963 (nearest older date) it's not there. Demolished, eaxact year of demolition unknown.

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Text on Flickr:

Upper left photo showing the Town Gas SOUTH Works in late 50s.

 Upper right photo showing the same Works in 60s, which remained essentially the same.

 The middle 2 pictures do reveal drastic change in plant layout within the same South Works, the ‘Segas’ Oil Gasification Plant on the right of the left-hand-side photo (commissioned after 1966) had replaced the coal retort plant and the coal stockpiling yard that can be seen on the middle right photo (taken in 1964)

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Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

Old_Hong_Kong - Town Gas north & south gas plant in 1964 [煤氣馬頭角南廠及北廠]

Text on Flickr:

Production of Town Gas had changed from processing coal to hydro-cracking heavy oil in 1967, and then to processing naphtha from 70s.

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Aberdeen Gas Holder [1981- ]

Date Place completed: 
c.1981-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

1960s Kowloon City pier

Behind the ferry terminal, Ma Tau Kok town gas plant is visible. See also annotations on Flickr.

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

Gas Works-Office at Shanghai and Jordan 1930

China Lghts and Gas Company Ltd gas works on the northwest corner of Jordan Road and Shanghai Street.  The photo was taken likely from the roof top on Battary Street looking to the east and Shanghai Street.  According to the 1956 map, the building on the left was an office.

1956 Map: https://gwulo.com/node/31747#15/22.3111/114.1673/Map_by_ESRI-1956_Kowloo...

Ma Tau Kok Gas Works (2nd & current location) [1956- ]

Date Place completed: 
c.1956-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

They expanded to here from across the road, see: http://gwulo.com/node/23650


Wanchai Gasometer [????-????]


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