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Mary MONRO [1963- ]

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Mary Monro is author of Stranger In My Heart (Unbound, 2018), which gives the eye witness account of her father, John Monro MC RA, who fought at the Battle of Hong Kong, was interned by the Japanese at Sham Shui Po and escaped 1200 miles across China to reach Chongqing. There he was made Assistant Military Attaché and spent the next 18 months supporting and trying to liberate the POWs he'd left behind. Mary retraced her fafther's escape route across China and the book also includes her journey of discovery.

1920s Hilly Hong Kong

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Published in the 1920s by Kelly & Walsh, with most of the pictures dating from the late 1920s. Includes three panoramas at the end. Click on the picture to zoom in. 

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Picturesque Hong Kong 1899

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A book of coloured photographs by W Brewer & Co, dated late 1898 or early 1899, from the construction of the Queens Building and the buildings on Connaught Street near the Hong Kong Club. I have included the pictures of Macao and Canton for completeness. The titles of the photographs are how they were captioned in the book. Click on the picture to zoom in. 

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1953 Guide Book

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A small Guide Book published by the Hong Kong Government in 1953:

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Through Hong Kong with a Camera

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A book of photographs by J Arnold, published in 1916 in Middlesbrough by the printers Hood & Co Ltd. Most of the pictures seem to have been taken 1900-1910

The J Arnold photographs were published in at least one other book, Picturesque Hong Kong (1910), which can be seen in the HKU Library here. Many of the photographs were used in both books

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