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The Hong Kong retail silversmith WAI KEE 惠記 [in Mandarin: HUI JI] is one of the few retailers that truly spans three centuries; founded in 1885, the firm is still operating in almost the same location by Pedder Street with the same specialities of pearls, jewellery and silver wares. As opposed to other similar firms operating today in Hong Kong that lay claim to longevities in trading, Wai Kee is the oldest retail jeweller and silversmith in Hong Kong.

Silvermark LiSuiChi cup.jpg

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Dr Adrien von Ferscht has asked me for a photograph of the silver mark on the silver cup that was presented to my grandfather C.E. Warren in 1903, in case it was a Wang Hing cup. If I decipher the mark correctly, it reads "KL" which probably speaks for itself.

Li Sui Chi Cup2.JPG

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I wonder if anyone else has a cup of this type or similar. I posted a query about it five years ago and tngan kindly answered that it was probably a typical gift in thanks for a service. It's difficult to get a good photo of the inscription because of the curved surface and the reflection, but the bordered shield contains the normal monogram CEW of my grandfather, Charles Edward Warren.  The inscription reads "To C. E. WARREN ESQ./From LI SUI CHI/HONG KONG/1903" I still don't know who Li Sui Chi was, nor what the cup was given for.

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