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Original Quarry Bay School [1926- ]

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Grade III, listed historic building

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"Quarry Bay School , The First One on Kings Road Hong Kong"

It was originally built by The Taikoo company (Swire ) for the children of the ex-pat workers in Taikoo Dockyard.


Photos that show this place


" ...allocation of the former Quarry Bay School premises to the Social Welfare Department a first step towards their implementation is being taken: this institution will be fitted out and used as a probation home for young offenders below the age of fourteen, thus permitting consequential changes to be made in other institutions ... "

LegCo 1981

"Six existing correctional/residential homes operated by the Social Welfare Department will be merged: the Ma Tau Wai Girls' Home, the Pui Chi Boys' Home, the Begonia Road Juvenile Home, the Fanling Girls' Home, the Sha Tin Boys' Home and the O Pui Shan Boys' Home.

(Government Press Release 2006)


it was actually still active school year 1978/9 and run by esf as my brother attended year 6 there.


Quarry Bay Junior School was built by Messrs Little, Adams & Wood and began operating with the beginning of the school year in September 1926. It started off as a school  built for the workers children of Taikoo Dock and Taikoo Sugar  The school motto was Labore et Honore. The motto can be seen engraved above the ground floor doorway to the main building.

Counting the steps from King's Road

Quarry Bay Junior School Steps


School looking west.

Quarry Bay School Building (west)


School looking east

Quarry Bay School looking east


School motto

Quarry Bay School Motto


How did you find out it was built by Little, Adams & Wood? Do you by any chance know what other buildings this firm designed in HK? Thanks!

Type in the names of the architects in http://sunzi1.lib.hku.hk/hkgro/index.jsp

and search for the old PWD Reports.

Fantastic memories of this school. I attended there from 1975-1980 under Miss McKenzie. As well as the steps, I have vivid memories of the adventure playground, losing countless balls over the fence, school assembly, rounders (lost balls again), the humidity and the funny smell of the drains(!!).


My goodness, I always thought those stairs were wide but I guess we were just shrimps when we were at school! That photo of the stairs show just how narrow the stairway actually was!

We used to race up and down those stairs twice a day ... no wonder I've had both knees replaced in my dotage - LOL!


Thank you for the photo. Brings back memories.

In those days there were not many shops in HK that sold sandals.

quarry bay was the first school I attended in HK in 1951(all of 6 years of age)My memories mainly were of constantly being inoculated or vaccinated against small pox typhoid diptheria yellow fever& what ever else was going around

One of my class mates of the time was Madeline o'connel who now lives on the Isle of Skye &is still in touch(60 years later)

In1941 there was a fair bit of war time action going on in that area & I recall being evacuated from the school because one of the kids came across several hand grenades in the school grounds

It is good to see the school is still there & hopefully will be preserved for posterity



Quarry Bay School was not originally a Government School. It was originally built for the workers children of Taikoo Dock and Taikoo Sugar and in the evenings it was used for classes in subjects related to the Dock and Sugar Refinery. When Taikoo Village was built, a new Taikoo School was built along with it and the original school moved to those premises (which subsequently moved to Greig Road and then onto Kings Road). QBS then became the school for the Expat children of the refinery and docks. However, we also allowed interlopers from outside the world of Taikoo as well.

Regards Geoff

Thanks Geoff. Corrected..

A slide that my father took of us racing down the stairs from QBS into the arms of the popsie man, no doubt  wink

1954 running down the steps of Quarry Bay School
QBS.1.jpg, by Nona