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Paterson Street

Does anyone know who Paterson Street in Causeway Bay was named after?  A number of streets in that area were named after Jardines' taipans.  The two possibilities I have in mind are: William Paterson and his son John Johnstone Paterson -- but which one I don't know for sure.


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The area used to be the primary lot for Jardine Matheson.  In this respect I believe it would have something to do with one of the Jardine-Patersons of the time.  But I don't know which one.

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According to Gillis Heller's above named book, Paterson St was named after William.

I can really recommend this book for anyone interested in the history of HK street names.

Thanks, tngan and philk.  I'll check out Signs of a Colonial Era.

William Paterson was only an Assistant and spent little time at the Jardine's office in Hong Kong.  He was in charge at Foochow, and finally managing partner at Shanghai, and he left China by 1885/6.  His eldest son, John Johnstone Paterson, also worked for the Company and rose to be Director, 1921-1945, first in Shanghai and then in Hong Kong.  He also served as an Unofficial Member of both Legco and Exco during the 1930s and 1940s.  Therefore, I think the Street was named after the son, rather than the father.