25 - 28 Jan 1942, Barbara Anslow's diary

Submitted by Barbara Anslow on Tue, 01/03/2012 - 21:47

Olive arrived a couple of days ago with Food Control staff - now 5 in the room, plus for a few days Baby Jean.

Fish today - smell put me off.  Kellogs is stale.  Diet devastating - rice and fish, or stew.  When Kellogs and Oxo run out I shall just have to eat rice ((had always hated it!))   Stew dreadful too.  Luckily Mum has some tea.

Danny Wilson (Peggy's husband) was taken ill with pneumonia the day we left Tai Koon, and he and Peggy went to hospital in town so they haven't arrived yet.  I met up with Uncle Sidney, we went for a walk up through the cemetry, saw Ronald Egan's grave ((he was an acquaintance in the Volunteers; hanging on the makeshift cross on his grave was his steel helmet with bullet hole through it.)) Also communal grave of the VADs and others murdered at St Stephens.

Mum and I met Mrs Hogg (who had been at Military Hospital).  She said that having Sid there (patient) was all that had saved Mabel's reason during the raids.

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In Stanley Military C

St. Stephens Memorial Stone - Stanley Military Cemetery 1998


Col. C.D.R. BLACK      RAMC

Capt. T. WHITNEY         "

Mrs. S.O BEGG            VAD

Mrs.  H.T. BUXTON         "

Mrs. W.J. SMITH             "

And many unknown Chinese, Indian, Canadian and British ranks of various Units.