8th/12th Jan 1942. Barbara Anslow's Diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

8th/12th Jan 1942. Barbara Anslow's Diary

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Thu, 8 Jan 1942 to Mon, 12 Jan 1942

Bad cold.  300 more internees sent in to our hotel.   The ARP men on 4th floor doubled up, and we ARP ladies left the 2nd floor for new arrivals and moved in with our men.   While this was happening, the 300 newcomers were squashed on the staircases waiting to get in to a billet.  I now shared a cubicle (and the bed) with Marjorie Cook. We got on quite well, considering.

Because of toothache, my teeth were examined in hotel by one Dr Mullett who couldn't see much wrong.
We took it in turns helping with cooking chores,  peeling onions and carrots, etc.  The days seemed so long, it was one long wait from meal to meal.  Eric Himsworth and Tony (Cole) used to buy bread somehow, and invited me to share it with them at 4pm, plus either jam or butter - it was wonderful. ((They must have had contacts outside to get this bread, maybe one of their Chinese clerks.))

Mr Bailey suddenly presented me with a half-pound block of 'Star' chocolate which I haven't yet opened - hope it doesn't go musty.  It is the Iron Ration.  So kind of him, I don't know why he did.