1 to 8 Macdonnell Road [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1 to 8 Macdonnell Road [????- ]

early MacDonnell Road - looking west

See the duplex in the left foreground of the linked photo.

I can't find the documents on the original IL 1416.  But it was sub-divided into Sections A - H. 

Sections G & H were two houses (mansions) with a common wall.

In the 1920s they were owned by 3 sons of HO Fook - and a son-in-law:

#4 Macdonnell Rd - Choa Po-min

#6 Macdonnell Rd - Ho Leung

#8 Macdonnell Rd - HO Kwong

#7 Macdonnell Rd - HO Iu

Photos that show this place


On the 1933 Map there are six seperate houses on IL 1416, all divided into duplexes.The lower four, on MacDonnel Road are named:

Rodgemont (sp?)

 No name



The upper two buildings are not named.  I have created places for Rodgemont and Budleish, the house in the above photo is Lynton