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Hirst Mansions, 30 Lugard Road [1953- ]

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30, Lugard Road, The Peak

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I've added 1953 as completion date, as given in 'Names of Buildings'.

From the following comment provided by Alison, her family must have moved in when it was brand new:

The apartments we moved into in 1953 on Lugard Road, The Peak and lived there until 1956.

I think it was called [Hirst Mansions] but no one ever used the name. The apartments were all rented by the staff of the British General Electric Company - of which my father was one and he eventually became HK and SE Asian Manager and that is when we moved to Mt. Kellett Road.

80sKid added:

"No. 30, the apartment house known as Hirst Mansions, was built by the General Electric Company of the U.K., post-war, to provide accommodation for its senior staff, the last of whom, Mr. Alastair Murray, left Hong Kong during the 1980s."


Presumably named after Hugo Hirst, (later Lord Hirst) the 'Father of GEC'