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Theatre Royal - City Hall [1869-1933]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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the Theatre Royal was the western side of the City Hall.

Dent's Fountain at City Hall



    Cast on stage at the Theatre Royal, City Hall, in a production of " Angel in the House ", 11 March 1916.大會堂皇家劇院上演舞台劇" Angel in the House ",圖為排演中的演員,攝於1916年3月11日。 ,  1916



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Greetings.   May I suggest that its period of operation be added: November 3, 1869 -  January 1, 1933.  This was prior to the demolition of the old city hall that began in September 1936 (source: Moddsey).  Add a cinema tag and it will be part of the cinema tag population.  Thanks, and Regards,  OldTimer.

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