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New member looking of course for old friends!

Hi all, new member. Arrived in HK September 1977 and what a culture shock but well worth it - had a ball - worked for the HK Mental Health Services for three years and tried to get a new contract but no luck so had to leave in '81.

work wasn't too interesting but the social life was. Had a goodly group of friends mixed marriages, ozzie and chinese, english and chinese, american and chinese etc etc and then the usual group of ex-pats who were either single or non-mixed marriages - the two groups occasionally collided but not much a case of sliding doors!

two guys I have tried to re-contact [don't you just wish you'd keep the old personal telephone directories and letters etc] were two marine engineers working around the Kowloon shores. One was Alex Wilson, a cockney who's father was reputed to have been a popular london pugalist and the other a scotsman George Kelly who was still there in 1985 when I returned for a visit and then married to an american lady. they both introduced me to squash and each week we would drive over route TWISK to the sek kong barracks and use their squash courts together with others who came from the island even to play. and then after squash the obligatory chinese dai bai dong meal and beer sometimes in the mess with the gurkas.

they both in different ways also introduced me and the family to weekend boating and trips around the many  islands.

my mixed marriage friends introduced us to the finer culture points around HK which always involved eating somewhere and finding remote beaches [yes they could be found] In the new territories. the finest roast duck meal could be found sitting under a flyover with rats running between your feet!

thanks - just a long shot as usual!