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Bellios Public School

Anybody got any suggestions as to where I might find records of Bellios Public School. Need to go back to 1905.

Have had no reply from school website.



Hi Sean - Perhaps start with the Old Girls' Foundation website. The most useful parts should be the following:

1. School history 1890-2010 ( - This page contains among other things, (i) the book's table of contents, (ii) at least part of Chapter 1, and (iii) instructions for obtaining a copy.

2. School magazines from 1948 to 1998 ( - these seem to be fully available for download in PDF format and as such look like quite valuable resources.

Pre-war school records have all been looted or destroyed during the Japanese occupation according to the 1948 school magazine (see paragraph 2 of the Principal's Report on Page 17). Taken together with discussions elsewhere about DBS and Queen's College (, it appears that HK school records have suffered an extremely high war casualty rate.  I'm only guessing here, but it's likely that the school magazine started publication sometime before the war - and if so, some copies may still be in the school or certain old pupils' possession. Search education There are many search results including kind of annual reports including all kinds of schools, including BPS, before and after name changing The websites can be accessed by everyone, highly recommended