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1883 - Crown Property (Buildings)

Here is an interesting table I thought I'd transcribe.


Return descriptive of every Building, exclusive of Gaols and Police Stations, belonging to the Colony, with Annual Rent derivable from each, for the Year ended 31st December, 1883.


No.Name of BuildingNames and Titles of OccupierNature of OccupationCommencement of OccupationAnnual RentDate of Commencement of Rent charged during the YearNumber of Months occupiedVacatedRemarks
1Government HouseHis Excellency Sir George Ferguson Bowen, G.C.M.G. and Family, (1)ResidenceOct 1858....12..Rent Free
 2Government Offices
Public Offices
Nov 1848
 3Servants' Qtrs. & Stables, do.
Chinese Servants
Quarters and Stables
Dec 1848
 4Government Stores
 ..StoresOct 1866
 5Volunteer Shed
 ..Volunteer Depot and Orderly Room
Mar 1883
 6Court House
Supreme Court, Offices of the Attourney General, Registrar General, and Crown Solicitor
Feb 1848     
 723 Queen's Road Central
 ..Office of the Registrar of the supreme court and Land Office
 1 jan 1882
 825 Queen's Road Central
Inspector of School and Opium Revenue Office (2)
Office and Shops
 Nov 1865
 910,11,12,14,15 Shek Tong-tsui
Chung Po I
 Dec 1882
 1048 & 50 Hollywood road
 11Post Office
Post office A. Lister, Postmaster General Lower Floor & portion of Upper Floor Post, Money & Stamp offices; remaining portion of Upper floor, Quarters      
 12 Clock tower
 Coolie in charge
Twon Clock
 13Harbour Master's Office
 harbour Department, T.M. Leatherbarrow, Boarding officer, and Family, 1 Police Sergent, and 34 Boatmen
Harbour Duties, and Quarters
 14 Inspectors' Quarters, Harbour Master's Department
 A. F. Sampson, boarding Officer, 2 Inspectors and Family, and 8 boatmen & Fami
 15 Magistracy James parker, first Clerk, and Family, (3)
Magistrates' Courts, and Quarters
 16Old Lock Hospital
 Part of Civil Hospital Staff, and Patients
Temporary Civil Hospital
 17New Lock Hospital
L.P. Marques, M.D. supt. of Lock Hospital, G. rogers, Steward, H. Watson Senior Wardmaster, Nurses and patients
Temporary Civil Hospital      
 18Temporary Lock Hospital
 Nurses and Patients
 Temporary Femal Lock Hospital
18aHigh Street Alley D.G. Crow, Apothecary to Civil Hospital and Govt AnalystTemporary Quarters      
 19Small Pox HutNurses and PatientsTemporary Small Pox Hospital      
 20 Temporary Lunatic AsylumNurses and Patients
Temporary Small Pox Hospital
 21 Garden Cottage
  Temporary Lunatic Asylum
22Gardeners' Cottages        
23Central School        
 School houses in villages:        
24Tang Lung Chau        
25Wong Nai chung        
26Shau Ki Wan        
27Little Hongkong        
29Shai Wan        
30Shek O        
31Wan Tsai        
32Tai Kok Tsui (San Shui Po)        
33Mortuary Chapel, Protestant Cemetery        
34Overseer of Pretestant Cemetery's Quarters, near Mt. Shadwell        
35coolie House, Protestant Cemetery        
36slaughter house        
37Governor's Bungalow, Victoria Peak        
38Governor's Office, Victoria Peak        
39signal Station, Victoria Peak        
40N. & S. Pavilion BungalowsGovernment OfficersResidence      
41E. W. VillasGovernment OfficersResidence      
42Pok Fu Lam BungalowOverseer's of WorksQuarters      
43Overseer's Quarters, Pok Fu Lam        
44Garden Lodge, Wong nai Chung        
45Central Market        
46Western Market        
47Eastern Market        
48Taipingshan Market        
49Sokompo market        
50Wantsai Market        
51Saiyinpun Market        
52Shaukiwan Market        
53Shektongtsui market        
54Yaumati Market        
55Cattle Shed, Belchers's Bay        
56Harbour Office, Aberdeen        
57Lighthouse, Cape D'Aguilar Light Tower and Light Keeper's Qtrs.      
58Lighthouse, Green Island        
59Lighthouse, Cape Collinson        
60gunpowder Depot, Stone Cutter's Island Magazine for Gunpoweder      
61Officers' Quarters, Stone cutter' Island Quarters