Kau Yi Chau - Han's Island [????- ]

Submitted by annelisec on Fri, 03/11/2011 - 12:26
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This fictional island was created using the topography of Kau Yi Chau, and superimposing the mansion King Yin Lei, 45 Stubbs Road, and the tennis courts of Palm Villa in Tai Tam.

The angle shown in "Enter the Dragon" is the east side of Kau Yi Chau.

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Hi there,

I recently came across a book 'The Flag and the Albatross', a story about USS Regulus (AF75), written by its former Executive Officer Arnold D. Marsh.   Cmd Marsh admitted the book is based on facts and partially fiction.  I got mine as a Kindle ebook.

Some timeline concerning local landmarks had been messed up where we locals could pick up immediately.  For example the visits to big buddah in Lantau and the Ocean Park mentioned in the book.  USS Regulus was in town in 1971 where both the Buddah and the Ocean Park didn't even exist yet.  Other than these, it is still a good read.

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