1897-98 John Stoddard's Lectures | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1897-98 John Stoddard's Lectures

Originally published in 1897-98, the text that goes along with these photos is not very interesting, so I've only displayed the photos.  to see the source page: http://chestofbooks.com/travel/china/John-Stoddard-Lectures/index.html

Some of these photo are from an interesting angle.  Thre is some artistic license, as birds in flight are introduced that are not on other versions of these same photos.  (a nice touch)

The Harbour of Hong Kong


The city of Victoria


The Public Gardens


A street in Hong Kong


Deep Porticoes And Colonnades. [Beaconsfiled Arcade]


The Bank Hong Kong [from Queen's Road]




Soldiers Drilling


Chinese Cobbler


A Bit Of Chinatown In Hong-Kong. [Wellington Street]

compare to http://gwulo.com/node/5480


Chair Coolies at Hong Kong

A mountain above Victoria

compare to http://gwulo.com/node/5277


The Cable Road to Victoria Peak


The Botanical Park, Hong Kong


An open air conservatory


A Hong Kong street in the Chinese Quarter


In the Business section


View from Victoria Peak

(compare to http://gwulo.com/node/4888)


The Race Track, Hong Kong


The Aquaduct, Hong Kong