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Mint - Causeway Bay [1866-1868]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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“The Mint and its Garden, Hong Kong,” 1860's, unknown artist

Hong Kong Museum of Art [cwHK_1860s_AH8813]

The building is facing toward the harbour with Causeway Bay in the center of the picture.

When the Mint lost money and was closed, the equipment was sold to the Japanese Government..

Photos that show this place



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I googled around using "The Mint & Gardens +Jardine" and I was able to find something.

You might like to take a look at page 4 of this document.  If that was the case it would be somewhere around present day Sugar Street/Paterson Street.

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Found this entry in Wiki a moment ago.

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The HKPL Map library has a copy of a detailed 1867 map of Victoria that would be worth a look to see if it shows the Mint.

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While browsing through Eternal1966's collection at Flickr I found this photo, which appeared to be either the Mint itself, or the Sugar refinery, with Kellett Island at end of the photo.

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From the nice people at the Water Supplies Department:

We don't have an official address for the two pre-war waterworks constructions - Mint Dam and Blue Pool Dam - that could have existed in 1874. Based on our record, Mint Dam used to be located at Tai Hang right inside the current school campus of True Light Middle School of Hong Kong (50 Tai Hang Road,  Hong Kong). Blue Pool Dam is believed to be located at Wong Nai Chung reservoir but this tentative location is yet to be verified.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Spring YAU
Public Relations Officer
Water Supplies Department

Drawings of the Mint building from the UK National Archive

Hong Kong Mint, Front Elevation
Hong Kong Mint, Front Elevation, by UK National Archive
Hong Kong Mint Ground Floor Plan
Hong Kong Mint Ground Floor Plan, by UK National Archive