Overseer’s Quarters, Elliot Filter Beds [1925- ]

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Two-storey granite building above Pok Fu Lam Road.

PWR 1923: The work consisted of the site formation for, and erection of, a two-floor building, each floor containing a four-roomed flat with Servants Quarters adjoining.

PWR 1924: During the construction work, an “outcrop of first quality grey granite was struck which was quarried and used for the erection of the quarters” 

PWR 1925: The buildings were completed and occupied in early January [1925].

When the Elliot water station was decommissioned in 1993, some buildings remained. The overseer’s quarters were modernised and are today part of the Hong Kong University Campus. It is now named Run Run Shaw Heritage House and houses the Hong Kong University Press. It is listed as a Grade 2 Historic Building. 

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