R.N. Dockyard H.K. Fire Brigade & Hong Kong Fire Brigade Service Record Locations

Submitted by OPPO on Wed, 01/10/2024 - 23:41

Greetings from Canada!

Our family is originally from the UK and HK, so we have both British and Chinese relatives entwined in our family history. One Hong Kong Chinese family member, Sub Officer Chung Chung-Pak, (aged 33), was killed in service with the Hong Kong Fire Brigade when a tenement on Tai Nam Street, Shamsuipo, collapsed after a fire on May 12th, 1954.  Some now dog eared newspaper articles state he had formerly been a member of the Royal Navy Dockyard Fire Brigade post WW2. He was also a recipient of the Defence Medal for an unknown period of service during the qualifying period with one of the qualifying organisations, possibly a fire brigade?

I have contacted the Hong Kong Fire Service Museum by post and email requesting any information and guidance on the location of the service records but have sadly never received a reply to my enquiries.  

Unfortunately, due to the passing of older relatives and loss of documents over the years there is little detailed information about his service and I'm wondering if anyone can advise where service records may be found for the R.N. Dockyard Fire Brigade and Hong Kong Fire Brigade, assuming they haven't been destroyed?  I'm also trying to source insignia of the R.N. Dockyard Fire Brigade and also the Hong Kong Fire Brigade during this era.

Thanks in advance for any pointers on these records.