Married quarters Hong Kong

Submitted by Ripley01JEA on Tue, 10/17/2023 - 09:09

Hello there 

I have a partial address for an army relation based in HK appx 1902

’21 East Block’ not sure which barracks but thinking Victoria or Lei Yue Mun … 

I can’t find East Block but here are a couple of E blocks 

many ideas ?

many thanks      Alison 

Thanks for that, I will study the documents. It seems that Block 21 Lee Mun was there at the time in question… 1902 and the proximity to the fort fits. He was “responsible for supervising the construction of defences in the New Territories and also artillery emplacements for coastal defence”. 
is there another barracks from that time that would/could have been called ‘East’ ?  Is it worth me having a look at Victoria, Wellington …?


It looks like Roberts Block was originally called E block, but even if that’s it - would it really be the case that there were 21+ units in a block of married quarters 

views ?