Wellington College, 39-49 Bridges Street [c.1953-c.1983]

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Photos that show this Place



Wellington College was established in 1947.  It has opened as many as 8 branches all over Hong Kong. This Bridges street branch was opened between 1952 and 1955.

(1952 photo shows it was not yet built https://gwulo.com/media/28003)

(1955 photo shows it was there already https://gwulo.com/media/24349)

It closed down sometime before 1993 as Tung Shing Terrace was built there in 1993.

According to 1982 and 1983 年香港年鑑 , Bridges branch was still there in 1982 but disappeared in 1983

1982 年香港年鑑(第三十五回)

1983 年香港年鑑(第三十六回)

1982 wellington addresses
1982 wellington addresses, by simtang
1983 wellington addresses
1983 wellington addresses, by simtang

Bridges branch is not in the school 1987-1988 prospectus

wellington 1987-1988 prospectus
wellington 1987-1988 prospectus, by simtang

Therefore the school at Bridges street was in operation there till 1982.

The college closed down all remaining branches in 2001.

A 2000 Singtao report described the plight of 4 remaining private schools which participated in the government "school places buying scheme" after the scheme was terminated in 2000.  Wellington was one of them.

Government implemented  the 9-year compulsory education policy in 1978. At that time school places in government and subsidized schools were insufficient. So they implemented the "school places buying scheme" to send students to private schools. In 2000, the scheme was terminated. Private schools had 2 choices. Either remaining private or  convert to subsidized schools. But  some schools still had to pay expensive rents while they can't charge students higher tuition fees if they decided to go subsidized. Wellington had no choice but to close down. Of course the changing demographic in Hong Kong and the resulting fierce competition also played a role.


1979 Wellington College at Ming Yuen western street north point

1979 wellington college at north point
1979 wellington college at north point, by simtang

Wellington college opened its branch at North point in 1971. Before 1971 it was the campus of Pui Chung college 培中英文書院. On 1966-6-12 heavy rain caused severe damage in many places of Hong Kong. The landslide at Victoria heights killed the family of the assistant secretary of education.


Cars piled up on Ming Yuen western st as seen in these 2 pictures

1966 ming yuen st
1966 ming yuen st, by simtang
1966 ming yuen st 2
1966 ming yuen st 2, by simtang

 A news report in 1968 which mentioned the damage caused by the heavy rain 2 years before.

1968-6-12 news about ming yuen st
1968-6-12 news about ming yuen st, by simtang

1947 established at 130-136 Woosung st
1953 new branch at 39-49 Bridges st
1963 new branch at  Alveston Terrace (柯威士頓台) Peel st
1964 new branch at Kin Hang terrace (乾亨台) Wanchai
1966 new branch at 40-46 high st


wellington college history
wellington college history, by simtang

 Alveston Terrace (柯威士頓台)

1965  Alveston Terrace map
1965 Alveston Terrace map, by simtang

 Kin Hang terrace (乾亨台)

1965 kin hang terrace map
1965 kin hang terrace map, by simtang