Parker Estate ("Monster Building") [c.1965- ]

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Located at 1012-1048 King's Road, Quarry Bay.

The housing estate was originally built in the 1960s and named the Parker Estate (百嘉新邨; in reference to Mount Parker, south of the estate) and later sold. In 1972, the housing block was split to five blocks: the Fook Cheong Building (福昌樓), the Montane Mansion (海山樓), the Oceanic Mansion (海景樓), the Yick Cheong Building (益昌大廈), and the Yick Fat Building (益發大廈). There are shops on the street front. 

There are 2,243 units in five blocks with 18 floors in height. Currently, 10,000 people live in this complex.

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