The (Royal) Hong Kong Jockey Club Betting Office [1963- ]

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Betting office of The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club.  An aerial photo from Feb 1963 (on HKMS2.0) shows some construction activities. First appearance is on a photo from 1963 (the white lengthy building in front),

1963 The Mandarin Hotel = 文華酒店
1963 The Mandarin Hotel = 文華酒店, by Klaus


Amazing that a betting office was the first to be built on the reclaimed land while reclamation work still going on. The demand for betting on horses must have been tremendous.

After 1997, the "Royal" was dropped.

It looks as if the office was later relocated closer to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, when the area west of the Star Ferry Car Park was reconstructed in 1987 (see here). Google street view shows the betting office in November 2020, but in November 2021 it is empty and the sign "The Hong Kong Jockey Club" has been removed. 

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