Hong Kong rail car

Submitted by modernist on Tue, 06/06/2023 - 20:05
car and rail
car and rail, by modernist

Yes, it is Hong Kong. However, the photo needs to be horizontally flipped.

The background shows Kowloon Peak and the Cable & Wireless aerials at Hung Hom. On the TST to Hung Hom section of the KCR line. Perhaps 1936/1937 or later if it is a slide.

Are you able to provide further information on the photo or rail car ?

Not the same car but a start here

If the photo was really taken at Tsimshatsui old train terminus area with the Kowloon Peak skyline on the back (picture shown was flipped over), the luxury motor coach should be the KCRC's "Canton Belle" which was providing direct inter-city train service between Kowloon and Canton (now romanized as Guangzhou). But the coach looks a bit different from other old photos of "Canton Belle". 

The bogie and the whole construction appears to be too short to be one of the Belles. It looks like one of those rail buses. But the lack of any designation and the more "luxurious" look makes it look a bit out of place. 

I am wondering if KCRC had run any 1st class service on the rail bus route between Taipo and Fanling or between Hunghom and Fanling like a special service.