Owner/whereabout of the collection of pictures made by Jim Watkins

Submitted by qazwsxedcrfv000 on Thu, 05/25/2023 - 06:45

I am looking for the owner or whereabout of the collection of pictures made by Jim Watkins. I want to obtain higher resolution scans of the following two photos that showed the shoreline and the bulk of Central not long after Japan's surrender: 

  1. https://gwulo.com/media/20995

2. https://gwulo.com/media/20992

Any help or lead is appreciated. 

It is very likely that the aerial image is a product of Far East Airphotos, a short-lived company allied to the Far East Flying Training School at Kai Tak airport. They advertised in The China Mail for a period.

I have seen very similar prints attributed to Patricia Halls.

The Halls family left Hong Kong around April 1950.

No doubt prints or copies now in circulation were originally sold to the public as part of their business.

Far East Airphotos
Far East Airphotos, by IDJ