Yau Tong Bay [Kwun Tong Tsai Wan] [????- ]

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Yau Tong Bay, also named Kwun Tong Tsai Wan is located between Kwun Tong and Lei Yue Mun.

It was long considered a remote and sparsely populated area. In fact it was up to the early 1950s. Between about 1958 and 1962, parts of the bay were reclaimed. The rough outline of the coast was  smoothed and straightened, this new land was provided for shipbuilding and sawmills. The reclaimed land was divided into lots: Kwun Tong Marine Lots (K.T.M.L.).

Starting in 1989, the Hong Kong Government proposed to further reclaim Yau Tong Bay and get rid of the factories that caused heavy pollution of the bay. The plans to restructure Yau Tong Bay continued in the 1990s, a total of 22-hectare residential and commercial area would be developed, including 12.5 hectares of land that would be reclaimed from the sea.

Industrial activities declined more and more until the early 2010s. Further development has been announced for years, but hasn't started yet (as of February 2023).

For a detailed history of Yau Tong Bay  see [Yau Tong Bay [Kwun Tong Tsai Wan] Development]

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