The Hop Yat Church building

Submitted by JC on Thu, 01/19/2023 - 17:07

I believe that the Hop Yat Church building was not completed until the year of 1929. The caption on one of the church building photos with Chinese caption on the bottom, jokily mentioned by saying that: The reason that there is such a photo was to capture the contruction workers, on strike! From the photos with a group of gentlemen, some Euroasian and two caucasian consultants on the bottom row....great grandfather Mr. Jan, Con-sang was on the top left corner of this 1921, 1921 planning committee photo...posted on 1929, after the campus was complete, I guess. And by the way, I think one should contact the British Army, if any left in HK, to come in to figure out whta that Army colored green tank was containing within/!' Ordinary people in thr surrouonding neighbo rhood! Perhaps you can contact the clergy staff at the hop yat church who are still preaching on Sundays plus other Prayers group!