Loeng SIAO (aka Siao Fong-fong / Josephine ) [1947- ]

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Siao Fong-fong / Josephine
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From wikipedia:

Hong Kong film star who became popular as a child actress and continued her success as a mature actress, winning numerous awards including Best Actress at the 45th Berlin International Film Festival (for Summer Snow). Since retiring from show business (partly due to her increasing deafness), she has become a writer and a psychologist, known for her work against child abuse.

Siao was born as Siao Liang in Shanghai, with her ancestral home in Luzhi, Suxhou, Jiangsu. At the age of two, she was brought to Hong Kong by her parents.

Soon after her father died, at the age of six (1953), she began to become a child star to solve the family's financial problems. When she was 7 years old, she took on the first film and art film "Little Star Tears" (1954). In 1956, she performed "Aunt Mei" for the Shaw Brothers Company. Her famous work is "The Wandering Children" (1960) and this made her became one of the biggest teen idols in Hong Kong during the late 1960s, along with frequent co-star Connie Chan Po-chu. The two were often cast in wuxia films as disciples of the same master and sometimes—when Connie played the male lead—as young heroes in love. Back in the 1960s, Josephine's and Connie's fans maintained a heated rivalry. News of their fans getting into catfights was not uncommon in those days.

Some of the milestones in her life include:

  • 1970: Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and Asian Studies at Seton Hall University 
  • 1974: won the best actress award at Spain Film Festival and Taiwan Film Festival
  • 1990: obtained a master's degree in child psychology from Regis University 
  • 1995: won the best actress award at the Berlin Film Festival for Summer Snow
  • 1996: member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
  • 2009: Life Achievement Award of the 28th Hong Kong Film Awards 

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