Oddity - Peak Motoring Escapade, French Driver Fined For A "Feat"

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Hong Kong Telegraph 1 March 1930

The successful negotiation of Lugard and Harlech Roads, recently accomplished by Mons. Lecor, (the husband of Mlle Odette Darthys, Prima Donna of the Opera Comique, Paris) in a Delage car which was claimed as a feat in an article sent in to the SCMP by an interested party, had an unexpected sequel today, when the Frenchman was summoned by the Traffic Department for driving on prohibited roads (namely Lugard Road and Harlech Road) without written permission of the Inspector-General of Police.

On his admission that he understood "'just a little English", Lecor had the charge read over to him by Mr. Hamilton, and he returned a plea of "guilty".

Mr Hamilton: - What have you got to say?

Lecor: - I did not know it was forbidden.

Accused explained on 23 February at 1.30 p.m. he had driven up to the Upper Peak Tram Station, at a point from which three roads radiated. A red signal was displayed over the middle one, but he did not see any sign over the left road, and accordingly took it. The car continued, and as it went on, the road became smaller and smaller. He could not turn back and had no option but to go on.

Lecor further explained when he arrived at the junction, he thought he could proceed down (on) the road which he eventually took. There was a policemen on duty who gave him the right of way. He even told a rickshaman to give way to allow the car to pass.

Mr. Hamilton: - The road is very much frequented by children. There was a very objectionable paragraph in the newspapers (?). The whole thing is an advertising stunt!

Lecor was fined $25 and a further $20 for damages to iron railings by the defendant's car.