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Does anyone know anything at all about Driscoll & Co? My great-great-grandfather James Keating appears to have worked for them as an “assistant” from 1872-84 (according to entries in the jurors lists on this site), but I can’t find any reference to them or what they did. Hope someone can enlighten me.


Photos of this organisation:


Driscoll & Co.  operated as a clothier. Perhaps a tailoring business. In the Carl Smith Archives here one can refer to Thomas Nathaniel Driscoll and James Keating for further information.

Driscoll & Co ( tailors) seems to have started off operations  in Japan in the 1870s or perhaps earlier.  The senior  partner ( probably the father) seems to W.F. Driscoll of Kobe, ( Hiogo) and they had branches in Yokohama and Hongkong according to the 1870 listing in the Chronicle & Directory of China, Japan. Corea Philippines etc etc.

Initially it seems Driscoll & Co. moved to Hong Kong and associated with a Frishy & Co of Wellington  Street & Central Market ( a butcher and comprador). By 1879 T.N. Driscoll  ( perhaps son or brother of W.F) is listed as a resident of Hongkong and has a company listing as Driscoll & Co. of 47-47 Queens Road and has T.N  Driscoll as the head and J. J. Driscoll as assistant, aided by a F. Frischling & J. Keating) in 1873. The company disappears from listings in the 188O,s.  

If you contact me by message ( email) I can send you a few scans of the pages I have .

This is sample extract.

Driscoll & Co. Tailors - 45-47 Queen's Road. 1873
Driscoll & Co. Tailors - 45-47 Queen's Road. 1873, by Chinarail