Club de Recreio - Nathan Road / Kimberley Road [1910-1928]

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1. 1910 - Completion of the Pavilion on K. I. L. 535 (Report of Public Works) and Clubhouse opened on 29 January 1910. Source: Hong Kong Telegraph of the same day here

2. 1920 - Open-air cinema shows under the management of H. W. Ray of the Coronet Theatre were held on the grounds. Source: Lingnan University - A History of Film Exhibition and Reception in Colonial Hong Kong 1897-1925. See here

3. 1921 - Portion of the grounds used for the erection of the single-storey 'Kowloon Theatre'. See  here Opened on 13 June 1921. See here

4. 1923 - Kowloon Theatre closed down with effect from 1 March 1923. Source: China Mail 5 March 1923. See here

5. 1924 - Duro Motor Company moves into the old Kowloon Theatre building and alters it into a garage. See here

6. 1927 - New headquarters of Club de Recreio at King's Park expected to be ready in September. Clubhouse on Nathan Road to be given up. Source: Hong Kong Daily Press 18 May 1927. See here

7. 1928 - Official opening of Club de Recreio's new clubhouse and grounds at King's Park takes place on 4 February 1928. See here and here . Duro Motor Company takes over the former clubhouse and grounds vacated by Club de Recreio and converts the area into a service station and repair shop with additional garage space. Source: Hong Kong Daily Press 7 November 1928. See here


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